What is “digital experience”?

A digital experience is a user’s interaction with a digital touchpoint— buying something online, receiving updates from an app, using a business platform. Touchpoints can be mobile apps, websites, smart TVs, ATMs, kiosks, point-of-sale, etc.

A digital experience strategy is not an IT only initiative; it should be seen as a customer-centric initiative. There is a big difference between simply using digital technology and actually using it to improve the customer experience to better meet their needs.

Digital experience is the sum of all parts within any business, certainly now a days:

  • Web – potentially the first customer touchpoint with a business; first impressions for the customer – get this right and they will come back.
  • Systems – making sure you have a view of all customers, products, services within the business will ensure that the journey both internally and externally are smooth with less errors and more efficiency.
  • Automation – the ability to move repetitive items through the business saves time, keeps information consistent and removes the potential for human error.
  • Processes – internal human processes can have an impact on what has been a good customer experience, if this has holes in it customers can become disappointed.

Digital experience should be seen as a seamless journey for your customers. They should not know when they are being handled by an automated process or by an actual person – it should all be one good experience.

There are some scenarios that can help to identify issues, by no means an exhaustive list:

  • Your website is not generating any leads for your sales team to action.
  • The website is generating leads but the sales team is not turning them into customers.
  • Internal teams are using multiple systems to manage a sale and errors creep in to the information.
  • Leads are not being nurtured through to a sale – very few first time contacts will become a customer on day one.

All of the above can be addressed and fixed individually. However individual fixes are not the answer but looking at all processes brings digital experience to your customers, making them more likely to not only buy from you once but to keep coming back.

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