Digital agility

Companies with low digital maturity levels risk losing customers who have little patience for outdated processes. To determine their level of digital maturity, businesses can assess themselves using categories such as Crawl, Walk, Run, and Fly, and develop strategies to move to the next level.

Regardless of the type of business or industry, digital technology is now an essential element that disrupts the traditional ways of interacting with customers. The younger generations, including Generation Y and Z, have grown up in a digital world and expect an exceptional experience from brands across all channels and devices. If a brand fails to deliver, they will quickly voice their disappointment on social media and review sites. The risk is that these younger generations will switch to a competitor without notice, leaving businesses unaware of the reasons behind their departure and unable to take appropriate action.

For B2B companies, it may be more challenging for customers to switch to a new supplier quickly, but they will still conduct their research and choose a new partner if they are dissatisfied. To prevent this from happening, businesses must prioritise customer satisfaction, have measures in place to monitor their customers’ behaviour, and take action to address any issues promptly.

The key to successful business is understanding the demands of the market. Customers are the driving force behind any company, and we focus on creating user-centred experiences that make interactions with your business easy for customers, employees, and partners. By adopting new business approaches, we help you achieve enterprise-wide awareness and activate your presence in the market.

We work with you to develop an efficient plan for gradual business transformation since change can be challenging. Digital transformation impacts business processes throughout the entire organisation, and the more complex the technologies involved, the more efficient the transformation process will be.

At 1968 Ltd, we shape your digital processes using technologies. We enable you to gain a competitive edge in the new digital era by creating an integrated ecosystem of people, processes, and environments.

Digital transformation goes beyond just implementing new software; it involves building capabilities for the future workforce. 

We can also help optimise your existing operations by modernising legacy software. This requires proper selection of the modernisation strategy and technology stack to manage the reengineering process effectively.

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