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How are you really performing online?

General analysis reports only go so far and only tell you so much! Being able to interpret that information and data into meaningful actions is one of the key components of an audit – and one that is most often missed!

To establish exactly where you in the market you need to be able to assess your competitors performance levels, your data metrics and that you are following best practice. This analysis will give you high impact recommendations to target and fill the gaps – the recommendations should be concise, achievable and SMART so that they can be fully tracked.

See where you are loosing and your competitors are winning

Knowing what your direct and indirect competitors are doing and how they are performing forms a key aspect of an analysis, whilst its more of an outside view the knowledge that can be gained is essential – it shows your position is the market, are there any disruptors that can become an issue (or copied).

Data analysis – deep

It can be quite overwhelming how much data is available about your digital landscape. Knowing what to look for and more critically how to interpret that data can have a significant impact on where you think your digital business actually is. There is no one size fits all approach to this as each business is different. Key areas that are recommended for analysis:

  • Website design
  • Conversion performance
  • Funnel performance
  • Search engine performance
  • Paid and display performance
  • Social media performance
  • Email marketing

RAG recommendations

A RAG (Red, Amber, Green) report is one of the most efficient ways of establishing the priority of issues to work on – broken down into manageable chunks that are not too overwhelming to digest.

Breaking the work down into short sprints – 30 day, 60 day, 90 day priorities helps keep focus on the most critical tasks.

Types of digital health analysis available

Basic analysis

Our Basic Covers:

  • A score out of 100
  • Summary of key findings
  • A review of your website, analytics, SEO performance, PPC performance, social media

A simple, easy to read and digest overview of your company’s digital landscape performance. Gives an insight into critical metrics and how you perform in these areas against your main competitors. Report is designed for a quick turnaround, normally delivered back within 2 weeks.

Price – from £500

In-depth analysis

An extensive and detailed analysis which includes competitor comparisons. A full RAG report that highlights the potential ROI impact. We discuss and explain these to you so that they are fully understood, and if required we can assist with the implementation of the actions. normally delivered back within 4 weeks.

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