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I am a digital coach who guides businesses to make better use of technology to grow their businesses and use digital tools to improve efficiencies.

How can a digital coach specialising in digital agencies and businesses help?
Well there are a number of core areas that a good coach can help you and your business achieve:

Grow revenue

Clients experience an increase in their top-line revenue by being able to sell more of their products or services.

Prepare to sell

Parting ways with your business can be a challenging process, clients are able to sell their businesses easier with digital tools in place and working.

Grow profit

Clients typically grow profit within the first year of us working together.

Improve efficiency

Reviewing processes and tools can have an immediate impact on efficiency leading to better bottom lines.

Coaching example:

Leeds agency audit

A Leeds agency contracted me to do a full review of their organisation (8 team members) that had found itself in a rut; projects not being thought through, apathy towards clients.

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Scaleable, predictable growth?
Since everyone has different aspirations for growth, the process is highly personal. Nonetheless, what unites our clients is their ability to achieve their desired outcomes, in a scalable manner, and with a sense of enjoyment.

Coaching is done in a structured way
Working out what areas need to be looked at
Planning who needs to be involved

Prioritise improvement areas:
A list of priorities will be produced
A plan for each priority area
Resources for each priority

Short term:
Coaching can be viewed a short term task
Focusing on deliverables that are achievable
Ensuring you and the team have the right skills

1-2-1 coaching

My 1-2-1 coaching process offers an environment for resolving issues, obtaining expert guidance, and fostering accountability

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