Digital security tips

Working in your own business is exciting and rewarding – or should be! But you need to be mindful of unseen threats that could harm all your hard work. Taking a thoughtful, deliberate approach to digital security can give you peace of mind that you are protecting all that hard work.

Keeping all your devices, logins and staff safe from scams, phishing and attacks should not be scary. More than 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.

Treat security as an investmentHave an incident response planUse technology that helps you manage devicesStay compliant with security regulations Take a proactive approach to attacks and threatsAdd security to system access

1. Stay compliant with security regulations – GDPR, PECR etc. Handling any data from your users and customers requires careful attention to privacy rights, data protection responsibilities and breach reporting guidelines, at the penalty of significant fines.

2. Take a proactive approach against phishing and other threats. Protecting against phishing is critical for SME owners – between 90 and 98% of all cyberattacks begin with phishing. Even trickier are spear-phishing attacks, where the email is highly targeted to the person receiving it, like someone in accounting getting an email sent from someone posing as the CEO requesting a bank transfer.

3. Add security and simplicity for system access. Enable multifactor authentication for extra security. Two-factor or multifactor authentication requires two or more secure elements to access an account – like a code sent via email or a biometric or fingerprint scan.

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