Lawyers – digital strategy

What was needed:

A national lawyer company asked me to review their full digital footprint – website, paid , social media. They had had the same website for over 5 years, with very little change apart from news items. To help with PPC conversion they had built separate external landing pages with no connection to the main website at all – conversion was shocking!

With a very diverse product offering from family law to corporate and land and everything in between the site had been set up how the lawyers wanted it, based on budget centres.

Digital audit conducted looked at the following areas to establish a benchmark for the current site.

  • Quantitative analysis
    • Analytics; a full review of data going back 3 years (no GA prior to that period), what were users doing, sources, content, landing and exit pages, funnels, bounce rate patterns, search queries.
    • SEO; was meta set up, did each page have unique title and description, did that match page content, keywords.
    • Technical SEO; what was page speed scores, are the pages well structured.
    • Traffic; where was the traffic coming from , which traffic converted the best, was there any bogus traffic sources.
  • Qualitative analysis
    • Usability; how good is the usability across the site, can users find the information, how is the information structured.
    • Brand; do all digital touchpoints follow the brand guidelines, is it obvious who the organisation is.
    • Conversions; what are the conversions throughout the site, which topics convert the best, what products need more nurture, what products are instant sales.
  • Competitor analysis; what are competitors doing online, how they engage with their customers, what can we learn from them.
  • Review of the incumbent agency reports – analysis against actual results, did they match, was the incumbent giving the whole picture.

What was delivered:

A full action list was delivered to the client in a RAG report (red, amber, green) showing impact and priority of the issue:

  • Template changes; the core page templates needed to be made more user friendly. The old pages were very short with lots of internal links to other short pages on the same topic. These short pages were pulled into one rich information page, with clear actions for the users to take.
  • Landing pages created to cater for targeted traffic, keeping the user on the main website improving the overall user experience.
  • Navigation reworked based on user needs, each product area was reworked to make sense to the user. This reduced the number of products and streamlined the website content.
  • CTA and form updates to make them work harder and better.
  • Content plan and strategy, including social media usage. Making better use of the on page content to engage users. The previous pages were very short (1-2 paras) and did not convey the message very well. All content was rewritten to simplify the initial paras and bullets drawing the user down the page.

What were the outcomes:

The impact of the work in the first 6 months following the remedial work were:

  • 333% increase in conversion across the site
  • PPC conversion increase from 1.5% to 5% (+333%)
  • Organic conversion increase from 2.8% to 6.2% (+221%)
  • More returning users to the site
  • The client noticed customers started buying more than one product from them.