Case Studies

Conveyancing lawyers – strategy


Top specialist conveyancing lawyer realised their online real estate was not performing as they wanted it to. The internal team were fielding too many enquiries that were not relevant to the services provided.


I was approached to review their current website, paid ad campaigns, and social media channels and produce a strategic digital direction.

The reviews were carried out through various online meetings with head of marketing, and marketing support resources. The wider team were also questioned on what it was they were looking for on the enquiries coming from the website.

A full audit of the website was also carried out, this established the current site was built on an unsupported version of Drupal and the agency responsible was no longer in business. Much of the content on the website was out of date and could not easily be refreshed due to lack of Drupal knowledge internally.


  1. A new website was needed, recommended build in WordPress to allow for staff to easily update content. The other benefits included portability to another agency if needed, future proofing the website.
  2. The conveyancing enquiry user journey was fully mapped out to reduce the number of poor quality leads. The online form was made more intelligent also filtering out poor quality leads.
  3. A social media plan that linked into content on the site and also house buying news nationally was produced. This made the marketing team think more about what they were posting on social media.
  4. A content plan that linked into key house buying evetns nationally was outlined for the content team to produce relevant content across website, PR, and social media.


  • The number of quality leads rose by over 30%
  • Conversion of leads rose to over 40% – up from 12%
  • The team were more engaged with the leads coming in as they knew they could work with them.

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