Leeds agency audit

A distressed agency not knowing what to do next; how to grow, manage projects better etc.

A Leeds agency contracted me to do a full review of their organisation (8 team members) that had found itself in a rut; projects not being thought through, apathy towards clients. This resulted in the agency becoming stagnant and the owners not really knowing what to do next. Turnover had flattened for 3 years in a row, similar with profits.

I carried out a full review, doing a deep dive into all areas of the organisation:

  • Interviews with all staff members, and owners.
  • REviews of work in progress against proposals.
  • Reviews of historic work against timesheets and proposals.
  • Reviews of efficiencies in project management.
  • Sales pipeline and cashflow.

The output was a tough listen for the owners, who needed to rethink their core services and focus on one USP. Throughout the next 6 months the agency completely turned round, securing some new contracts. We were also able to focus on larger projects, and look at putting a proper retainer programme in for existing customers.

Small historic customers who were a drain on resources were politely asked to move to other agencies who would be better suited to them, freeing up valuable time to concentrate on new projects.

They were able to completely turn around into a profitable agency and ultimately were acquired by a larger agency.

  • New account wins increased, and value of projects
  • Acquired by another agency