Devon Wildlife Trust – digital review



Devon Wildlife Trust approached me following a digital review that had been carried out by a third party. The initial review report was a single page and gave DWT no actions or information. They needed to get a better understanding of how the current digital tools could work efficiently across the organisation.

Following a brief pitch process I was commissioned to carry out a full review over a 6 week period and present the findings back.


  1. Group workshop; the initial meeting consisted of a group workshop with the full team in attendance. A Q&A session establishing the overall way they use their tools and which departments were responsible for which areas. This gave a clearer understanding of the tools, the issues and the knowledge within the organisation.
  2. Individual discussions were then held with each of the key team members. This provided a much deeper dive into their individual issues, how they use the tools and what they thought were the main barriers. Talking on a 1:1 basis allowed me to get more information out of them in a completely confidential way.
  3. Each of the digital tools was reviewed to establish if they were the correct tool for the job. I also looked into how each of the tools can link up better and what the potential organisational workflow could look like.
  4. Knowledge within each department was looked at and recommendations for training given. There was an initial view within DWT that everyone needed to know all the tools and each aspect of using them, this proved inaccurate and specific training was suggested in the final report.


The final output from the various sessions was a detailed Digital Integration Plan. The plan talked DWT through how they are currently using the tools in place and where the issues are. By taking a step back and working out what they as an organisation wanted to do then fitting the tools to the process they realised where they had been going wrong. Just because they had the digital tools they thought they had to use them without really knowing how or more importantly, why.

  • Roadmap
    • A roadmap on how DWT should approach the digital transformation was included. This made it less of a daunting project for them to take on.
    • Resources
  • An outline of internal and external resources was suggested, with approximate costs.

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