want to improve your website ? ask these 3 questions

1. Does your website provide the correct leads?

If your website is generating leads are they the sort of leads you want, are they converting into business or do you end up chasing each and every one to little or no avail? Maybe your website is not attracting the right audience to engage with, causing the poor quality leads to be generated,. It might be an idea to get an independent review of who and how you are targeting your audience online and who actually lands on your website, is the messaging confusing and not clear to the potential customer?

2. Are the leads good quality, convertible leads?

Once you receive an online lead is it easy to convert, are they actually interested in your product or service? Are you engaging with the decision maker or do you find you have to battle your way up the ladder to talk to the right person? An audit of the lead quality might help to understand if the right message is getting the right person – the decision maker. Its better to get 20 good quality leads and convert 12 of them than to get 100 poor leads that generate the same conversion.

3. Do I trust what I’m being told?

Hard one to answer, but if you have any niggling doubts its an idea to get an audit of your digital offering and see how you compare with your competitors and if there are any major issues that need addressing. A RAG (red, amber, green) report would help identify the key areas to address.

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