how a RAG report can improve your website

What is a RAG report – basically it a report that highlights in Red Amber Green issues with red being the most important that need addressing. In the world of digital it is a great to assess how well your online platforms are performing and whether there are any areas that should be addressed.

A RAG report is usually an output from a Digital Audit being carried out across all your online touch points – website, social media, advertising, blogs, links. The audit will explore areas that you may have not realised are linked and viewed by your audience in different places to form a picture of the activity being carried out and how effective it is.

You may think that the PPC channel is sending the correct type of leads but are you being told what the CPC (cost per click) is, and how does that compare to your industry average?

Does your website have a high bounce rate on key pages, are users looking at a few core pages – about us, team, contact? In which case it could point to a lack of user engagement across your website, all that content you’ve created and no one is looking at it!

The end result will be a RAG report that highlights a set of actions – categorised into Red (address immediately), Amber (review very soon), Green (all is good).

By showing actions in this way it helps keep focus on what areas of your online estate really need working on. Having a long list of actions without a priority can create confusion as there is no way of knowing what items to tackle first. It is the consultant carrying out the audit that should determine what they feel are key items that need addressing.

A RAG report is a great way to measure activity and review the work that has been carried out – has it worked, what did we do wrong in the first place, has it shown an increase in sales or leads? All good questions to be asking, after all if there is no measurement how can you judge what actions were successful?