Redmayne Bentley

Worked with a Leeds agency to help them win a 3 way pitch for Leeds based Redmayne Bentley Stockbrokers. 

Invitation to Tender

Once ITT received we established a team to respond to the various areas of the ITT. Each team member took responsibility for an area. Deadlines were set to allow plenty of time to collate all the responses, quality check and ensure consistent tone of voice throughout.

The ITT response included high level research of the following areas:

  • Audit of the current site
  • SEO benchmark of the current site
  • Paid advertising used on current site
  • Audience profiles
  • Market position of the current site
  • Technology used on current site
  • Competitors, what they do in SEO, paid, their market position
  • Objectives confirmed from the ITT and defined as high level KPIs
  • Solution an initial high level approach to delivering the project

Having been shortlisted through the ITT response were invited to pitch to the board for the contract. This involved a 3 way pitch. The pitch was paper based for the bulk of information and research – a take away for each attendee – with an abbreviated screen based presentation highlighting key areas.

The presentation included:

  • Key points of the project, objectives, KPIs
  • Approach to the project
  • Schedule of how the project would be delivered
  • Deliverables that would be part of the project

Off the back of the presentation the contract was won valued at over £100k. The initial part of the project was to conduct some in-depth research to allow the delivery of the website to be fit for purpose, and the end user.

The pre-project research included:

  • A review of how paid advertising could be utilised
  • How to improve the SEO landscape
  • The content used and how it could be improved through a set tone of voice
  • What the competitors are actually doing and how we can learn from best practices in the industry
  • What the customers actually want from the website, how they will use it
  • A series of surveys to establish a set of benchmarks for the website
  • Creative:
    • Workshops to establish the look and feel for the website
    • Wireframes based on the creative feedback
    • A full creative and branding brief that the client had signed up to
  • Functional specification for the website highlighting key pages
  • Technical specification at a high level outlining the technology to be used

The output from the pre-project research was a detailed digital strategy document outlining how RB would be positioned in digital for the next 12 months. This document is reviewed every quarter to ensure the strategy is still relevant; you must be able to pivot through a delivery as the market changes – just because the strategy was right 6 months ago it may not still be.

The strategy was presented back to the board and had agreement on the approach, this allowed the project to commence with clear deliverables, creative brief, functional and technical spec and clearly defined roles for us and the client to deliver the project.

The website build project commenced…..

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