Finally relocated

After 10 long months, we have finally completed our relocation. Originally, we had discussed moving later in life, but circumstances changed after the pandemic hit, and remote work became the norm for most meetings. Seizing the opportunity, we decided there was no reason to wait, as life is unpredictable, and who knows what the future holds!

Our move took us more than 100 miles north, from Boston Spa to the charming Amble-on-the-Sea, Northumberland. Currently, we are settling into a long-term AirBnB while we await the completion of our new house. We were cautious not to let another sale fall through, as it had happened before, right on the day of exchange.

Despite the change in location, I am still performing the same work, managing clients from Devon to as far north as Scotland. It will be a test of willpower not to “pop to the beach” during work hours, but the thought of unwinding with a walk on the beach at the end of each day keeps me motivated.

The decision to relocate was a significant one, reached after deep discussions with my wife and family. Surprisingly, everything fell into place swiftly the first time around. From the moment we made the decision to sell our old house and purchase a new one, it only took four weeks to complete the entire process, with two of those weeks coinciding with the Queen’s mourning period.

The most frustrating part of the process was the five-month-long conveyancing period, a broken system that desperately needs improvement. Unfortunately, our first sale fell through during the exchange phase because the other party’s solicitor took too long, causing their mortgage offer to expire, making it impossible for them to afford the new % rate (BoE 2.25% in September 2022 and 4% in January 2023).

This setback was distressing and incredibly stressful for us. We had already sold most of our furniture and packed up the entire house in boxes. Despite the challenges, we remained determined to move forward, and with perseverance, we found a new buyer, though it took longer than expected.

Once we accepted the offer, the exchange process was completed within 8 weeks, with completion taking place just 2 weeks after that. This speedy turnaround reinforced the importance of having the right legal team in place.

So, here we are, finally settled in our new home. We are eagerly looking forward to embracing our new life, meeting new colleagues, and enjoying the charm of our local area.

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