8 Amazing Facts About Digital Audits

Every organisation should, at some point, look to an independent digital audit undertaken. Its very easy to get stuck in a rut with digital and not see where the weak areas are. Audits can help highlight the good, the bad and ugly – but they can be instrumental in providing a solid direction to work […]

7 Ways Agency Audits Can Help You

Many digital agencies are born out of either a creative or technical (development) lead owner/manager. Whilst in the early days this works – the owner/manager is in control – as the digital agency grows there becomes a tipping point. The owner/manager is too close to the digital agency doing a multitude of activities from account […]

Digital agency – Leeds

A Leeds based digital agency that was having a difficult time with their current client base, and how to grow their client base, contacted me to see if I could assist. Following a review of the agency – financials, clients, projects, processes – we formed a plan to reconnect with the current client base to […]