8 email marketing must dos

Call To Action (CTA) above the fold.

When someone opens the email, everything they need to act should be visible without having to scroll, especially important on a mobile where 58% of emails are viewed first.

Optimize the layout for mobile.

60-80% of your email opens are likely to initially happen on mobile. Ignoring mobile formatting…means ignoring over half of your customers.

Make your content easy to skim read.

Everyone is busy. Make sure your content gets to the point – subject lines, content, CTAs, etc. Use formatting and sizing to guide the readers’ eyes through the email.

Automate emails for key purchase events.

Putting in simple email automation is not expensive these days. They can be used to improve abandoned carts, prospect onboarding, encourage repeat purchases – all enage with customers again.

Segment offers.

Send offer emails to your best customers by high value customers (LTV), low value and no purchases (yet). Be more aggressive with low value and no purchase customers.


Engagement gets better when the reader feels like you are speaking directly to them, use name and other unique variables (like past purchases) to stand out in.

Don’t remove unengaged users.

Don’t forget to message your less engaged customers 1x per month. Save your best content/offers for these customers to win them back.

A/B test everything.

If you’re not testing, you’re missing an opportunity to learn about your customers.

• CTAs

• Email copy

• Email design

• Subject lines

• Target audience

It extends to all aspects of your business.

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