social media strategy

What is it?

A social media strategy links directly into all your other online work. It should be a brand focussed exercise. It needs to detail the what, when, how and why for all the content you might post on any social channel. It should detail the relevant social media channels that your product/service target audience uses – no point putting effort into Facebook if none of our audience uses it.

Why do I need one?

Without a clear strategy, like a strategy for anything else, is a plan of ideas, purpose and the path that you are going to aim to acheive. It keeps the focus on the channels, the tactics and effort needed. it is all too easy to become distracted on channels that will not give the desired return – this is where the social media strategy keeps you on track.

The strategy will allow you to experiment with tactics but has a clear process to follow.

Can I run it myself

Definitely! Social media is better run the people who understand your business the best. tis your ‘virtual networking’ tool – you would not send someone in your place to a networking event.

The biggest commitment is time, but this can easily be managed once you have a social media strategy in place with a structured content plan to follow.

Content content content

A large part of any social media strategy will be a content plan that is relevant for your website and also what, how you publish out to social media to encourage more engagement with the audience.

What next

Getting your social media strategy completed is the first step. if you would like further advice please complete the form below.

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