Agency Audit: Expectations vs. Reality

What is an Agency Audit and what should you expect to learn? A review of an agency is like any other business review, only more targeted at the specifics of a digital agency. The focus should always be on the business and how it is operating.

Digital agency – Leeds

A Leeds based digital agency that was having a difficult time with their current client base, and how to grow their client base, contacted me to see if I could assist. Following a review of the agency – financials, clients, projects, processes – we formed a plan to reconnect with the current client base to […]

Visual CPQ

How do you create a truly photo realistic visual CPQ (configure, price, quote) system that allows consumers to visualise what they are actually buying, signing up for, before actually placing that expensive order? The type of products I’m talking about are large ticket purchases – kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, wardrobes etc. Similar to buying a car […]

8 Facets for a Digital Audit

1. Quantitative Analysis This is the core of any digital audit. You should take a holistic look at your digital strategy through metrics and evaluate what’s been working and what has not. Expect your audit to evaluate some or all of the following: Analytics data PPC reports Social media metrics SEO ranking data CRM data and […]

your business needs a social media presence

No matter what sort of business you are, social media has to be an essential tactic of your marketing strategy. It’s a cost effective, easy way to engage with your new and existing customers. Social media allows you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your products, services and brand and boost your sales. There […]