Insurance Group – CMS

The problem I worked with a large national insurance broker. They had a need to improve their online delivery across a number of hub sites (12) including head office. One of the key objectives was to reduce the number of man hours spent manually updating small hub sites. Historically they worked in WordPress for all […]

This is how to PIVOT

My wife runs (ran) knitting workshops teaching all sorts of people many different kinds of knitting techniques, and has done for years. She is also a knitwear designer and has designed everything from a bespoke cushion that is 5 feet long and hand knitted to Christmas decorations and jumpers. COVID had an impact on her […]

Why your digital strategy should change – NOW

Are you ready for the NEW NORMAL This is the ideal opportunity to reset, review and plan for a new future. Now is the time to change your marketing activity to meet the needs of your customers post COVID-19. Customers will increase their online shopping habits. In a very short period of time customers needs […]

how a RAG report can improve your website

What is a RAG report – basically it a report that highlights in Red Amber Green issues with red being the most important that need addressing. In the world of digital it is a great to assess how well your online platforms are performing and whether there are any areas that should be addressed. A […]

working from home – observations over 10 years

Thought I’d write this article for those of you that have just started working from home during these unprecedented, unrehearsed times. I’ve been working form home nearly 10 years now – my business birthday is May 4th this year, we were hoping for a bit of party, might have to rethink that to more of […]