Want to Improve Your website ? Ask These 3 Questions

1. Does your website provide the correct leads?

If your website is generating leads are they the sort of leads you want, are they converting into business or do you end up chasing each and every one to little or no avail? Maybe your website is not attracting the right audience to engage with, causing the poor quality leads to be generated,. It might be an idea to get an independent review of who and how you are targeting your audience online and who actually lands on your website, is the messaging confusing and not clear to the potential customer?

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7 Ways Agency Audits Can Help You

Many digital agencies are born out of either a creative or technical (development) lead owner/manager. Whilst in the early days this works – the owner/manager is in control – as the digital agency grows there becomes a tipping point. The owner/manager is too close to the digital agency doing a multitude of activities from account management, financials, payroll, project management etc. and sometimes needs a little assistance turning the corner and forging ahead to the next big project.

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Digital agency – Leeds

A Leeds based digital agency that was having a difficult time with their current client base, and how to grow their client base, contacted me to see if I could assist. Following a review of the agency – financials, clients, projects, processes – we formed a plan to reconnect with the current client base to explore areas of future work.

We put together a new business development plan to target certain sectors and increase their project budgets. The new campaign took about 3 months to bear fruit with a new contract for a major stockbrokers digital strategy covering website, social, paid advertising, lead acquisition and their current target audience; followed by the new website build.

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Redmayne Bentley

Worked with a Leeds agency to help them win a 3 way pitch for Leeds based Redmayne Bentley Stockbrokers. 

Invitation to Tender

Once ITT received we established a team to respond to the various areas of the ITT. Each team member took responsibility for an area. Deadlines were set to allow plenty of time to collate all the responses, quality check and ensure consistent tone of voice throughout.

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