Virtual Reality Is About to Take A Big Leap Forward in Architecture, Design and Marketing – Commercial Observer

Google’s cardboard VR mount (Photo: othree/Wikipedia Commons). Look up. There are 16-foot ceilings in SGA’s 74 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn. Look around. You can really see the differences between the tones on the red brick walls. There’s abundant light from the large windows and gritty exposed industrial steel beams and polished concrete. There’s a view […]

How to Check Out the Competition

Nearly every business across every industry is looking over its shoulder or peeking in next door to see what the competition is up to. Evaluating the competition is one way to determine where an organization stands, and what potential markets they can break into. There is an entire industry, market research, built upon gathering this […]

Halo Financial

I’ve been working with Halo for nearly 10 years now. Review of wireframe information architecture and providing a report back to the client. Also conducting a full usability review of the design candidates along with the information architecture, this will allow a better user experience as a few niggles were ironed out at an early […]

Charles Church Homes

A full revamp of the Charles Church site focusing on the user needs. The project research indicated how users search for new homes and this was implemented into the new website. Many new features were included with users able to build their own brochure, view a fully interactive site plan that shows houses sold and […]


Hotelnet is a brand of Superbreak. This site, originally developed in India, has a very good search history being established since the late 90’s. The site was redesigned and refactored from ColdFusion to .NET 3.5 under the MVC framework. In its final iteration the site was further developed in Russia and included the Superbreak web […]