Non-Executive Directors can really help agencies

The boards of UK companies are populated by 6,000 Non-Executive Directors (NEDs). So, it’s no wonder that many smaller business owners turn to hiring part time senior people who can give independent input at board level. The input is about how large companies often have independent directors who provide advice at board level. The output […]

Why no one talks about digital audits anymore

Digital audits were all the rage a few years back. Agencies and businesses were scrambling to get their websites, email marketing, and social media accounts properly audited in order to identify any areas that could be improved. However, lately it seems like everyone has forgotten about digital audits. Why is that? And more importantly, should […]

8 email marketing must dos

Call To Action (CTA) above the fold. When someone opens the email, everything they need to act should be visible without having to scroll, especially important on a mobile where 58% of emails are viewed first. Optimize the layout for mobile. 60-80% of your email opens are likely to initially happen on mobile. Ignoring mobile […]

Digital security tips

Working in your own business is exciting and rewarding – or should be! But you need to be mindful of unseen threats that could harm all your hard work. Taking a thoughtful, deliberate approach to digital security can give you peace of mind that you are protecting all that hard work. Keeping all your devices, […]

“Digital transformation” – what does it mean in 2021?

Its certainly been a turbulent time over the last 18 months! Businesses have had to “adapt to survive”, there is always someone touting the “digital transformation” mantra, but what does it mean, as we come out of lockdown and learn to live with COVID19? Personally, I think it is different for each sector and business […]