1-2-1 digital coaching

Our coaching process offers an environment for resolving issues, obtaining expert guidance, and fostering accountability. As a result, you can accelerate your decision-making, cultivate stronger teams, and generate more profitable results. By leveraging our coaching your digital agency can expand and you can enjoy the journey along the way.

  • Working too much in the business rather than on it? 
  • Do you miss feeling accountable? 
  • Are you treading water, has business plateaued? 
  • Or perhaps things are going great and you need some extra help making decisions? 
  • Could 1-2-1 coaching be the answer?

What is it?

Regular meetings; talk, offload and solve issues on a 1-2-1. Almost like ‘digital therapy’.An open agenda I’m here to help; you might need help with an employee, best way to approach a pitch. Whatever the question, I’m a great listener and will help to ensure you take the best step forward.

Discovery and onboarding 2x half days
6 X 1 hour monthly calls for you

Month 1

1. Discussion to outline objectives
2. Review 3 projects you think have been good and enjoyable to work on
Month 2
3. Review 3 projects you feel have been hard work and not profitable
4. Review the current project process
5. Output - Initial findings to date and actions
Month 3
6. Review x3 current proposals and costing basis
7. Output - Initial findings to date and actions
Month 4
8. Senior team 1-2-1 30 min sessions
9. Output - Initial findings to date and actions
Month 5
10. Final action list for Identify to continue implementing

What will it cost?

1 payment of £1200
followed by 5 payments of £600 monthly

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